This webpage on alcoholism and drug dependency is divided into five sections. Please click on the section appropriate to your interest:


1. Section 1 provides an overview of the basic recommended features for a drug or chemical dependency program (CAMRO) for ministers.

2. Section 2 provides recommended alcoholism and drug dependency agency policies for Christian agencies who want to develop policies that assist ministers who struggle with alcoholism and chemical dependency. These guidelines provide organizational policies and structure meant to assist the recovery process without penalizing those who voluntarily seek help with recovery. Various intervention processes and penalty levels are recommended for those who fail to voluntarily seek help, or those who deny dependency.

3. Section 3 provides a recommended Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Contract for ministers and supervisors engaged in a recovery program.

4. Section 4 provides provides links to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) websites and resources. We recommend AA as a best practice approach for recovery from alcoholism and chemical dependency. The AA website provides appropriate information and links to local support groups near you. Please note that resident and non-resident recovery programs also remain vital during the initial phases of the recovery process.

5. Section 5 provides on-line resources for pastors in remote locations and countries in which AA support groups remain unavailable. Although AA support groups serve as a primary recovery tool, such support groups are not always available in some remote locations and in some countries. Section 5 attempts to provide on-line resouces for these pastors. However, the on-line resources should never replace participation in the available support groups near you. Support group participation remains the most effective recovery tool.

If you struggle with a potential chemical dependency as a minister, please contact Cary Tidwell through our “Contact Us” webpage. He will offer guidance, and commit to confidentiality (see our confidentiality policy on our “counseling” webpage.

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