For counseling, we usually recommend pastors contact counselors within their own church or denomination as a first step. However, we offer an unbiased listening ear for any of the following conditions:


  • If your church or denomination is too small to afford quality pastor-care services, we are happy to help you.
  • If you feel uncertain about the confidentiality of counselors within your church or denomination, we are happy to offer a confidential alternative.
  • We are also happy to serve as a listening ear and sounding board for pastors who simply need unbiased dialog about an issue.

To talk with us, send us an e-mail via the “Contact Us” link on the homepage, and we will try to set up a time when we can talk. We prefer to talk via Skype, but we use the phone where Skype remains inadequate.

We pledge the following to you:

1. We offer spiritual help in the menu topics shown at the top of this web page. Our sessions will start and end with prayer.

2. We offer help for Christian pastors and ministers, only. This website is NOT intended for church members. We expect church members to contact their pastor for counseling.

3. We will avoid trying to change your Christian persuasion. That is, we try our very best to offer a listening ear without trying to influence your denominational preference. We will try to integrate real life insights, research, and Bibical truth with unbiased dialog. Thus, we will try to avoid discussions that involve Biblical interpretation, especially if it includes tenents of your denomination. Our purpose is limited to helping you, not changing your beliefs.

4. We will keep confidentiality. That is, we will avoid asking for any information about your personal identity, and we request that you refrain from revealing your identify. We will NOT report our conversations to anyone in your church, denomination or anywhere else, except as required by United States law. These exceptions require reporting for child molestation, plans to commit a felony, and plans to harm yourself or others.

5. We pledge to refer you for help beyond our capabilities. However, we will not contact the referred entity–we will expect you to initiate that contact.

6. We charge nothing for our services. As retired and nearly retired ministers, we offer a free ministry to all pastors. We neither ask for renumeration, nor offer any means to send renumeration to us.

© 2013 Nathan Davis


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