Chemically Addicted Minister Recovery Option (CAMRO)


Overview of Chemically Addicted Minister Recovery Option (CAMRO)

CAMRO is a non-disciplinary confidential monitoring program for drug and chemically dependent ministers who meet their agency’s eligibility/admission criteria into CAMRO, and who voluntarily enter into the program. The program consists of two parts: the agency chemical dependency policies, and the CAMRO contract between the minister and the agency or church.

Ministers get referred to the CAMRO program by:

  • Self-Referral
  • Agency Referral
  • Church Referral
  • Referral by an individual

The purpose/intent of the CAMRO program is to provide for the minister’s rehabilitation and the public’s safety and welfare through the early detection, treatment and monitoring of chemically dependent ministers.

The CAMRO policies vary with the frequency and duration of chemical dependency. The policy on credential suspension also varies:

  • No suspension of credentials or disciplinary action for ministers who self-refer themselves into the CAMRO program
  • Three months suspension of credentials for ministers who enter a CAMRO contract or program due to an agency complaint, a church complaint, a complaint by an individual, or a DUI or similar event, and the minister admits to chemical dependency
  • Three years suspension of credentials for referrals where the minister denies chemical dependency but a subsequent investigation indicates a high probability of chemical dependency.
  • Revocation of credentials for repeated relapses and/or harm to the public.

The CAMRO contract includes the following features:

  • Three year program duration
  • Relapse restarts the three year clock at the beginning
  • Chemical dependency treatment
  • AA Attendance at least three times per week including at least once on the weekend
  • Minister Recovery Group Attendance
  • Random drug screening
  • Abstention from all potentially addicting drugs, including alcohol
  • Supervisor and coworker involvement
  • Ministry and travel restrictions
  • Medical care provider involvement
  • Revocation of credentials for repeated relapses and/or harm to the public.

Why is the CAMRO Agreement a three year agreement? Chemical Dependency is a disease where relapse is common. In an effort to develop a strong recovery foundation and ensure public safety, ministers in CAMRO must demonstrate a minimum of three years recovery.

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